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Since 1972 we have had the pleasure of serving our customers located throughout the Intermountain and Pacific Northwest. Many things have changed over these past years; we have seen the sign industry change from an industry dominated by both electrical and neon signage, to one covering a wide gamut of applications and media. We now see signage covering our city buses and large office buildings. Over the years Sun Supply has taken a proactive approach to providing these many options available to our customers and will continue to do so.

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We have proudly served our customers in the Intermountain area and Pacific Northwest for 48 years. In that time we have grown from one location to seven. Many of our employees and customers have been with us since the beginning. Since 1972 Our goal has always been to provide the best service and experience for our customers. We own and manage our own delivery fleet to ensure our customers the best service throughout the entire buying process, from order to delivery.

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our values

We strive to offer our customers the best possible service and to be a partner in industry by providing warehousing and delivery services that exceed the customer’s expectations. Our Goal for 35 years has been to develop a partnership, founded on trust and respect that has been earned through consistent and quality services. We work hard to exceed expectations of quality in service, productivity and cost. At Sun Supply we respect the rights of each individual and treat everyone fairly; employees, customers and vendors alike. We Value our relationships with our customers above all else, we are dedicated to using our industry knowledge and experience to provide the best product and service to our customers.