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cut to size on substrates

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No need to cut your substrate yourself and risk breaking or scratching the sheet, we can now cut it for you. We will custom cut it to your specifications and deliver it or ship it to you.

Our new FMK Panel Saw is designed and engineered for high speed, precision cutting of substrates. The FMK provides extremely tight cutting tolerances and remains chip free when cutting material as thin as 0.030 without the use of a cover sheet, which can dull or scratch your substrate. The FMK is designed for cutting sheet length maximum of 165" and up to 3" thick, although this can vary based on material type. Accuracy of the cuts are +/- .0085, but again, can vary based on material type.

Cutting charges will vary based on the size on the job and the substrate. Please contact your local Sun Supply branch for a custom quote.